Monday, March 26, 2007

John McCain Dissembles on Contraception

The Straight Talker was asked if "contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV," and that fucker just couldn't say "yes." He even has the gall to mention his tour bus, the Straight Talk Express. All he knows is that the government shouldn't spend money on it and he supports the president on the subject.

I'm one of those people who liked McCain when he was on the first Straight Talk Express. Now, I'm fairly disgusted with his craven pandering.

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Fishfrog said...

FYI, contraceptives do nothing for the sexually transmitted disease: An Eternity in HELL! That one can be contracted by anyone who engages in vaginal intercourse out of wedlock, or anyone who, though married, enjoys the vaginal intercourse s/he has with his/her spouse. Be warned: God is a jealous and prudish diety!