Thursday, April 05, 2007

TPM sez SDM?!

Talking Points Memo argues about who the most likely Republican candidate is, in the wake of Giuliani's revelation that he still, as a man running for the Republican nomination, supports public funding for abortion. This, to Marshall, excludes Rudy as a viable Republican candidate. And McCain is too ludicrous at this point,
So who? Romney? I'd have to say that seems like the most likely scenario at the moment. But only because the other scenarios don't seem possible.
Slick Dancin' Mitt himself. Because he's the least ridiculous candidate. The post itself makes the great point that basically any Dem would vote for Clinton (mostly), Obama (definitely), or Edwards (almost surely), but the Republican slate is mixed.

Time for a 3d party right wing candidate. I say draft Pat Buchanan.

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Jason Goldman said...

I completely believe it will be Mitt. The reason there's still republican candidates entering the field is because the 2 front-runners are not nominateable. It's going to be Mitt.

In my heart of hearts, I hope that this is the libertarians big chance to split the right. About time they do something good for someone.