Sunday, September 03, 2006

Loose Change

Charmingly retro is this JC Penney's catalog from 1980, which featured these delightful photographic wall coverings depicting various nature scenes.

This is amusing only in that number eight, I believe, hangs on the wall of the childhood home of a coupla bloggers linked here.

And Accepted's Tomatometer stands at 37%.


warm fuzzy said...

And yet, I will still see Accepted because I love Justin Long in everyting he does. Especially the Apple commercials.

warm fuzzy said...
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warm fuzzy said...

Number 8 is very close to the super cool (and not at all tacky) wall mural in my parent's basement. It's not quite as cool, though.

edited because my parenthesis was in the wrong place & made the sentance incoherent