Sunday, September 03, 2006


"Islamo-fascism" should be jettisoned from Bush's vocabulary. It yokes the faith of a billion people with an odious ideology. Imagine how Christians would have reacted, had FDR taken to declaring Franco's Spain and Mussolini's Italy "Christo-fascist."

If Bush does not want a war of civilizations, he will drop these propaganda terms that are designed to inflame passions rather than inform the public of the nature of the war we are in, and the war we are not in.
So says Pat Buchanan. I don't think, incidentally, that that link is long for this world.


Arfanser said...

Really, Islamo-facism is the language used by bush that Buchanon takes issue with? OK, seems a bit odd, but OK.

Fishfrog said...

Christo-facist, I believe, would better describe Bush himself. Islamo-facist does not seem very inflammatory, inasmuch as it accurately describes the fact that people, who are muslim and support a theocratic state, wish to destroy America and replace it with said muslim thoecratic state.