Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shower singing

It never fails. I walk into my cramped bathroom, and I just have to belt out, "Blistering Pree, all smiling and swollen...".

The song's twinned with Where You'll Find Me Now. You can see/hear them played together as one in this live performance.

Ultimately, I just like howling out, "She will be swimming in the mall forever more." I know it's not the actual lyric, but it's still fun to sing.


Jason Goldman said...

Nice! I want more Neutral Milk Hotel. Was there anything to that rumor that he was working on something?

Matt said...

Sadly, no. There was a demo which was found late last year, from which a couple of meh-quality songs leaked, but the chances of more stuff coming from that tape seem slim.

He did contribute a noise track for a 2006 compilation called AUX: Experimental Sound from Athens, GA. The track, which he did under the alias Korena Pang, is called "excerpt from Dogbirthed Brother in Eggsack Delicious." Having heard a lot of his previous noise collage stuff on the early cassette demos, I'm not dying to hear it.

Mostly, it's all about reissues, repackages, and bootlegs. There've been On Avery Island and Aeroplane reissues (with nothing added), and there's now a growing industry of people selling DVD bootlegs of NMH shows on the 'net. Of course, there's also a fair amount of live NMH stuff on YouTube, and there's definitely a lot of audio available on webpages. So it sort of karmically balances out.

This site has some sounds and videos, including what it calls the "essential bootleg" of the live solo acoustic show he did at Aquarius - and I have to agree that it's essential. I'd also suggest checking out "Ferris Wheel on Fire" if you've not heard that, it's an Aeroplane-era song that's really solid. Also, "unreleased demo #1" is pretty good. Sweet Marie, from that demo, is one of my favorite of his songs.

Otherwise, he's staying pretty reclusive from what I've heard. It'd be nice if he did more. I'm sure he'll keep doing occasional appearances on e6-related records/live shows.