Friday, June 02, 2006

The new face of WU-Law

Wash U's Law School homepage has completely changed. It used to have a staid brown red design which featured the building, Anheuser-Busch Hall. Now it's all yellowy and looks a lot like, well, a certain other law school website.

Linked from the frontpage is an ad for an upcoming feature called MyLaw, which is supposed to be something like this:
With a debut planned for August of 2006, this extension of the School's online services will provide a customized web site for each member of the community. Information presented will include course and examination schedules, calendars, group meetings, discussion forums, document sharing and file exchanges, as well as official communications from the administration.
Hey hey, a MyLawSpace. Maybe I'll be able to pimp my band on the site!

Much of the school's website is still in the old ruddy reddy style, with a notable exception being the entirety of the "prospective students" content.

Particularly amusing is the new "faces" section of the site, which profiles two white ladies and a black fellow, all current students. We're very diverse, don't you know. The site promises to feature not just students, but also "those faculty members who stimulate learning and alumni with limitless potential." Few of the former exist, and as to the latter, well...

if all your alumni have is potential, then you've got problems.

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