Friday, February 17, 2012

The comments section...

So I read the comments section of the previous article, and it has this great howler:

"So you make 270,000,000.00$ pay 10% = 27,000,000$ in tax.Is that really fair to have to pay 27 million dollars to the government when half of the people in the US pay no tax at all? That 27 mil. would not count the payroll, state, local, school, taxes. Does not look fair to me.Amazing how we had NO federal taxes until the early 1900's.Mr.Bill"

Ah yes, let's return to the golden times of the nineteenth century.  Are you kidding me?  I love how libertarians and small government types idolize this fantasy land of no government.  Like everything would be so peachy without schools, roads, the internet, clean water, the police, and clean food.

And then there's also the old switcheroo:  Bill mentions payroll and state taxes when discussing taxes on the wealthy, but ignores then when discussing the poor who don't pay federal income taxes.


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