Monday, July 20, 2009

Fuck Yank Sing

I had to say that. I just ate at this dim sum restaurant and here is my review:
  • Food Goodness: Good, not great. Bad crabcake, bad sesame ball. Mostly fine. You'd find better food in virtually any chinatown.

  • Service:Bad. The servers are impatient and pushy. I like prompt service, I don't like pushy service. They also show only certain dishes and not others, so while I was offered many variations on steamed-stuffing-in-wrapper, I had to seek out other items. Also - one server shouted about her beef in my ear.

  • Value: ROTTEN TO THE FUCKING CORE. This place is so ridiculously overpriced that I was shaking with anger at the end of the meal. I don't mind paying a lot for a good meal, but when I do pay a lot, I expect good food and good service. I got serviceable food and shitty service. All of the pushy rushing leaves the impression that you're being scammed to run up the bill as quickly as possible. This is obviously the business model.
So fuck Yank Sing because they charge 3x what their food is worth, and eating there is a pain in the ass.

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