Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Death of Newspaper Editors - STL Post-Dispatch

American Journalism Review discusses the loss of editors in US newspapers by focusing on changes in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.
For instance, Reust sees less creative time applied to the "accuracy and tone" of headlines. He also worries that writers and editors brainstorm less. "The general time devoted to good writing is almost nonexistent now," he says.
I read the STL P-D on and off for a few years a few years ago, and was struck by how little actual reporting about St. Louis or Missouri took place in that paper. If you could turn to the paper to learn about the city and state you lived in, through understanding the political players and city policies, then you would have something worth reading and something that would foster openness and democracy. Instead, it was all fluff and bullshit.

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Cathy said...

fluff and bs, and stuff written by out of town writers. Plus they're owned by an Iowa company so do you think they really care about local reporting? We only get it to read the daily comics and to know if the Cards scored 6 so we can get 25 cent slushies at the Mobil.