Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef Disappoints

Fucking Hosea? That little unfaithful weasel?

The worst part was seeing him piss on poor Carla. Carla should have kept control of her menu and she should have stuck to her guns more, true. But for Hosea to stand there and say "Richard's talented but I made sure that I made my own food" is 100% pure dick. It's clear that she knew that. That's why she broke down in tears.

Worst Top Chef since season 2.


permathreeseat said...

At least is wasn't jerkface Stefan. I couldn't stand him. And while I wanted Carla to win (out of the top three), she should have learned from all the group challenges all season that when you are the group leader, you have to take charge. Don't let other people push you around. Then she wouldn't have made sous vide steak and flat souffle, and she could have won for sure.

factory123 said...

Carla really blossomed over the season, I feel. I thought it was going to be Stefan, Fabio, and Jeff at one point, and I'm still sorta surprised at how well Carla did in the 2nd half and how easily Fabio and Jeff left.

Particularly Fabio, I loved that guy!

Sarah said...

Stefan's not a jerk. In fact, he looked like he was about to cry when he saw how upset Carla was. He is talented and confident. Plus, he wore that great California t-shirt all season. Great shirt, funny guy. I love that Stefan.

permathreeseat said...

Stefan was nice once it was clear that Carla had taken herself out of the running (ie, when it didn't affect him personally to be nice). The whole rest of the season he went around being a pompous ass. "I'm going to win because I'm from Europe and Europeans are so much better than lowly Americans." Even if he really believes that - which would be jerk-like - going around saying things like that doesn't make him confident. It just makes him a poor sportsman.