Saturday, February 28, 2009

"I Want The Rapture Right Now!!!

From the Rapture Ready forum:
Okay, I don't care if I sound like a 2-year old in the toy store. I don't care if I am going to be spanked or put on time out! I don't care if my tantrum in the grocery store is causing people to stare and making my daddy embarrassed! I don't care that I am sprawled out like a rag doll on the floor... ...if he pretends to walk away and leave me I will just cry louder!!!

I don't care that I've cried so hard I am now making those stupid hiccup sounds with snot running down my I take heaving breaths trying to still cry but now I am too tired...I just look defeated and pathetic.....I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE!

Because after all my cutting up and fussing and whining and crying, and even if I did not get what I daddy is going to take me home, feed me, bath me, and tuck me in bed with my favorite animal And I will be happy in the morning when I wake up.

Father, come take me home.....NOW....please...
Though you should really read the original, if only to see the smileys, including one smiley-getting-raptured-to-heaven.

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You are now fulfilling the Bible which says "Come now, and let us repeat together."
Be sure to repeat what Walvoord, Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice etc. repeat what their own teachers repeat what their own teachers repeat etc. etc. etc.!
Repeat that Christ's return is imminent because we're told to "watch" (Matt. 24, 25) for it. So is the "day of God" (II Pet. 3:12) - which you admit is at least 1000 years ahead - also imminent because we're told to be "looking for" it?
Also repeat the pretrib myths about the "Jewish wedding stages" and "Jewish feasts" (where's your "church/Israel dichotomy" now?) even though Christ and Paul knew nothing about a "pretrib stage" and neither did any official theological creed or organized church before 1830!
You should read "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" on the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site to find out why you shouldn't repeat everything your pretrib teachers repeat.
Do I have to repeat this?