Monday, June 18, 2007

Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

This is Dance Tonight off of Memory Almost Full, the new Paul McCartney album. The above video was directed by Michel Gondry, and it's cute - somewhat reminiscent of the George Harrison I've Got My Mind Set On You video. I wish that it got to the music faster, and I wish that it didn't have sounds in it for the action (ie I want the audio to be only the song), but it does have Gareth from the UK The Office.

Dance Tonight also appears in the following iTunes ad:

Honestly, I like the iTunes ad better than Gondry's video, but it's only 30 seconds of the song.

Memory Almost Full is on Starbuck's new record label. This seems grotesquely middlebrow and uncool, but I nonetheless really like the new single. I like Paul's music, even a lot of his solo stuff, quite a bit. I'm still listening to the new record, so I have no solid opinion about it. My initial impression is pretty positive.

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