Friday, December 01, 2006

No power again

The ice storm which struck killed my power around 11 or so last night, and I haven't gotten it back. I used my cell phone's alarm to wake me up this morning, then I had to scrape open my car, which was frozen shut. An off-duty cop and night law school student stopped by and helped me get into my car, that was a huge help.

I had to get into my car because I had to get to school - I've got finals next week, and to prep for those I need access to my laptop for several hours at a stretch. Plus there's no heat in my apartment. It's not as bad as when I had no AC over the the summer, but it's still a bummer.

The roads were ok coming over to school, so that was a bit of a blessing. Unfortunately, the law school cafe is closed today so I'm stuck with vending machine coffee. At least there's electricity.


Arfanser said...

2.4 million without power. .5 million in st louis. wow.

Matt said...

It's crazy. Ameren couldn't handle the summer or the winter.

Despite the annoyances - and they are annoying, this kind of weather makes for some beautiful scenes. Right now I'm on the first floor looking out at a row of bushes completely bereft of leaves but all covered in ice and snow.

Outside my building there were small trees bent over from the weight of all the ice. It makes me wish my camera weren't dead.

Fishfrog said...

When the tree branches are covered with ice, it looks like the whole tree is made out of ice. Very pretty.

Shouldn't Ameren have been replaced by now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your power issues...ugh.

But I will concur with you both about the beauty of the situation. I've spent a good chunk of the day staring out my window at the trees in the park.

Snow-covered trees are pretty, but ice-covered trees are on a whole other glittery level of awesomeness.