Thursday, November 30, 2006


Johnny Cash once said that the only good thing that ever came from a war is a song and that's a hell of a way to have to get your songs. Much better is the twisting awful heartache of love, as the following youtube videos show:

Bill Withers playing Ain't No Sunshine live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, the classic BBC music program.

Skeeter Davis sings The End of the World live on some kitschy country program. Relatedly regarding the end of the world is Neutral Milk Hotel - Ferris Wheel on Fire, but god only knows what triggers that apocalypse.

Paul McCartney playing For No One and yes, I've linked this one before, but it's so good - a nice counterpart to Eleanor Rigby on Revolver, the album which has both of them. Youtube also has the Give My Regards to Broad Street performance of this one, but GMR suxx0rz.

I provide all these links for one man:

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