Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rabbits Breeding Greedy Children

Rabbit is a quicktime short which animates 50's educational stickers to tell a grim little parable about greed. Everything in the animation has a text label as you can see above. You can check out some storyboards and stills. That site also has images of the original stickers, including the stickers for both "muff" and "idol." Also for to check out is an interview with the creator about the animation, and the guy's official site.

Did you notice that everything's sans serif except house?


SoOverU said...

This is just my kind of twisted.

45thpercent said...

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federico said...

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Cute Indian Girl said...

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BKW said...

u blog is great!!
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arfanser said...

I think that getting on notable blogs was actually a bad thing for your blog because all these idiots come now and coment with nothing meaningful to say.

Matt said...

There certainly is that aspect to it - I've gotten so many comments lately that are just "Hey, nice blog, check out my blog" that it's a little disheartening.

When it first struck, I was editing out comments like crazy. My standard was basically something like - if you didn't say anything other than "Here's my blog" you got cut. So like Federico up there would be gone.

I should probably drop cute indian girl, too, because she does nothing but say "Hey, that's nice" and tehn pimp her schemes.

At the same time, I've been blogging since 2004, and maybe even before that (hard to remember - there are incarnations of Superelectric that weren't really blogs that I started back in Baltimore, and they only sort of exist on the internet archive and my poor dell laptop), and there always was a part of me that wanted people to notice what I was writing. Getting some kind of comment, then, seems better than no comment.

Also, my blog tends not to be very comment-friendly, I think. Sure, there's politics or the occasional "you make the call" kind of post, but often there's just nothing to comment on.

Regardless, it should be cycling out fairly soon, I'm thinking, as I recess further away into the past of blogs of note.

Fishfrog said...

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Anonymous said...

after checking out all the comments, i had to give you props without a plug. i dig your blog, and you'll probably never read mine, and that's okay because mine's best. keep up the good work.

Matt said...

Well, now I feel like a jerk. I mean, I really do appreciate the nice feedback. And I've even checked out some of the blogs of the people who've commented. sooveru, for example, the first commenter in this thread, has a nice sort of "i hate pete"-ish type of thing going on.

I don't even mind the "Nice blog, here's my blog" posters, really. It's comments like federico's up there, which has nothing to do with my blog or this post. Or cute indian girl, who has made that exact same comment repeatedly and whose blogs do not seem kosher to me.

I do want to say that I am generally a fan of blogging - I like that people can let their freak flags fly or just generally crack open their skulls and let the public at large feast on the delicious uniqueness inside. I think there's something awesome about the whole thing. I like blogs, and if you've got a blog, feel free to post it (preferably by posting a relevant comment and letting people follow your profile link to your blog). It's just that now that I've gotten the tiniest taste of slightly-less-obscurity, I've had some rude commenters.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating wrt a brief I've got due tomorrow.

Adam LaVey said...

Wow! Cool F'ing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, I'm laughing my ass off after reading your comments right now. This is just my view but I think that you should appreciate the Pimps and Ho's who shamelessly plug thier blogs. That doesn't mean that I think it's okay for people to pimp out your blog and not read it's content, just that if people are hitting it at least some of them will read it. And now for my plug (LMAO). Actually, if you or anyone you know has a Social Security Number you REALLY should visit and read the post entitled "It could happen to you" because it could happen to you. Now that I have prostituted your comment section for the benifit of any American that happens to read it let me say this: You have a great blog and some very interesting content. Please don't let being a blog of note go to your head (LOL). Keep the interesting posts coming. Peace.

Gill said...

I like your blog because it is funny and deep at the same time and you find some interesting films etc. As for comments-Isn't networking part of what blogging is about anyway? If people like what you have on here maybe they will like my blog, and if I like people's comments on here I will check out their blog. As for the Indian girl she may look cute but I reckon she is a money-grabbing little schemer!!