Monday, October 23, 2006

And that's about all there is to it.

It looks hits to superelectric have finally tapered off and are back to their previous levels. And I'm a bit ambivalent about that.

Blogrolling is also severely messed up. If you check out the forums, you'll find them inundated with spam. It's really unfortunate. It's a very nice service when it works, blogrolling. I really like the reordering based on recent updates for the blogroll. I wonder if other software exists that accomplishes the same task.

For some reason, FedJur really pissed me off today. There was some back and forth with one student which followed the pattern:

prof: Why is it the case that issue x?
student: Well, I guess it's answer y.
prof: Well, ok, but then why is it that issue x?
student: Well, maybe it's answer y.

where issue x and answer y didn't change from one deal to another. I really do not care for that class. Pedagogy in law school is so messed up. And, because it's law school, people can come up with some justification for their bullshit methods. And once you've got a rationale, you're golden, because this is sophistry school, not philosophy school. You don't get points for being right, you get points for trying.

Anyway, here's a link to site of Halloween novelties made from tampons. I feel that this bat/tampon concisely describes my current mood:

It's as if the little guy were saying, "plate of shrimp."


Gill said...

None of them were used tampons, now that would have been scary

Sweet Cactus said...

man, that is some f-u-n-n-y stuff. the tampon menorah was my favorite. :)