Monday, August 07, 2006

London, The Smiths, Morrissey

LASID is the Lyrics and Song Information Database of Smiths and Morrissey songs. It offers lyrics and short commentary on the songs, and is in the main organized by album. It covers all of The Smiths records as well as Morrissey records through the compilation album My Early Burglary Years and the proper album Maladjusted.*

While it's a nice enough resource, I often find its tone grating - very casually judgmental. For example. I was feeling myself to be in a very London mood, I had to check out the London entry, and I see this:
A simple theme, and a simple tune, bizarrely covered by Anthrax on the Airheads soundtrack. This is clearly one of Morrissey's personal favourites, as he covered it on the "Boxers" tour, but quite why is a mystery. It's not bad in any way, but there's nothing really there.
Euston is a train station in London.
Meh. For a reference source, this is obnoxious. The double "simple," the "there's nothing really there" - irritating. I like the train station information and even the Anthrax cover information (I've heard a few really punky interpretations of Smiths songs, often done for the cheek of the thing. With London, it's a bit more appropriate.), but the opinion - who cares, I'm not reading your fucking blog, you ass. Arch condescension is funny and provocative coming from Morrissey, maybe, but you're not funny, and I'm not reading your shit database to be amused by your wit. And that's not to mention that London's really fucking good, too.

Those fuckers.**

*Omitting You Are the Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors. OK, it's time for Superelectric to continue its descent into livejournalry. The first and title song on Maladjusted is also one of my favorites, because it has a very smozzy chord change and, as always, great lyrics: "When the gulf between/all the things I need/and the things I receive/is an ancient ocean/wide, wild, lost, uncrossed." That last ancient ocean bit is particularly good. The song, written from the pov of a possibly underage prostitute, also has "With my hands on my head/I flop on your bed./With a head full of dread/for all I've ever said." "Flop" is tremendous. The LASID suggests that the song is inspired by the film which provides the opening sample of The Queen is Dead. Who knows?
**Other really superlative insults that I could hurl at the LASID writers, terms what I would be stealing from this site: cockweasel, fuckcamel, cuntwaffle, shitglutton, porksword, wangbasket, shitwhistle, thundercunt, fartminge, shitflannel, and knobgoblin. These words all score highly, I feel, in terms of offensiveness and originality. Normally, after the preceding sentence I would repeat one of the terms for comic effect. But they're all so good, I just can't choose one.

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