Monday, July 24, 2006

Things What Contain Electricity and are Awesome

an unordered list.
  • The Opera House, the leadoff song from the Olivia Tremor Control's first LP, Dusk at Cubist Castle: "there's no hope for generating electricity"
  • Wolfpack, the penultimate song on Syd Barrett's last LP Barrett: "the reflecting electricity eyes."
  • My apartment! Electricity courses through it!


warm fuzzy said...

yay! I'm glad you have power!

Jason Goldman said...

Sweet! I think my mom is still without. Hopefully this means it'll be soon tho'.

Matt said...

I think they're getting pretty close to restoring power to most people, and I think they're aiming for virtually everybody by today, but there are bound to be pockets of no power here and there.

There's still tree debris all over the city, and that's surreal. Regarding the streets, it's almost like snow - the leaves and branches have been pushed over to the shoulders, leaving a clear path in the middle. But everywhere you go, there's extensive leaf and branch litter, and sometimes you'll even run into big trees that've smashed cars.

All I can say is I thank god that we had the national guard here handing out water and oreos.

warm fuzzy said...

we still have no pwer at my work. We are running on a generator. Sadly, it is enough power to turn on my compture, but not my monitor.

Nell said...


Matt said...

Nell, ask Xeno, I'm sure he's well aware of "woot".