Wednesday, June 07, 2006

See Emily Play/Baseball!

Early Barrett-era Pink Floyd, a nice single.

The parents took me out to the ballgame last night. We went out to dinner over at Fitz's in the loop, and then walked down to the Metrolink, took that down to the stadium. Although it was a little crowded on the way back, Metrolink certainly seems the way to go. Both my parents are seniors, and the round trip for the three of us was like 6-7 bucks, minus the hassle of parking down by the new stadium.

The new stadium is nice, it's VERY nice. It's definitely done up in the Camden Yards style, all red brick and all. It has some very nice views - the arch is off in center field, you can also see the river and train tracks and the giant hole in the ground across the street where the old Busch Stadium used to be. We were seated up in literally the highest row of the stadium, but it wasn't a bad seat - along the first base line, and it was very watchable.

My niece was playing in the junior high school band that played the national anthem before the game, and so we got tickets through the school. We were mutilated by the Reds - seven to oh! No Pujols, because he's got oblique troubles, but I did get to see Junior Griffey. All in all, it was a fun night out at the park.

The jumbotron is a little weird. It only looks to me to be in focus if my head is facing the screen. If I turn my head left or right (keeping my eyes trained on the screen), it goes all blurry, which is a little disconcerting. At one point, during the shell-game-played-with-baseball-hats, they played music which was used in Kill Bill. That Quentin, he sure does trend set with his soundtracks.

The jumbotron also showed a montage of fan interviews responding to the question, "What's your favorite sports movie?" My dad and I agreed in our answer - Bull Durham.

It was a neat time. I'll have to go back sometime.

Update! - See Emily Play makes for a happenin' Pandora seed.

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