Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pandora doesn't quite understand Mary Margaret O'Hara

So I plug MMO'H into Pandora, and it doesn't recognize her. Ok, so I try the song that I'm thinking of at the time, To Cry About, and it does recognize that and promptly starts making up a station.

Which plays light electronica and ambient-type stuff. Hunh? Now, not that I dislike that particular genre of music. I'm actually pretty fond of it, but MMO'H's music, or rather her one album is all live instrumentation accompanied by MMO'H's hoots, stuttering, and generally unique delivery.

After a listen, I figure out what's what when Pandora actually plays To Cry About, which it knows not from the MMO'H record Miss America (which use of that title predates Courtney Love's, thank you very much), but from the song's inclusion on a mix cd by Everything But the Girl. Which is odd - I mean, I know the rest of that disc is probably light and ambient electronic music, but that song certainly isn't.

Oh well, the radio station it made is still pretty hot. Right now, I'm listening to track with no beat, two synth chords that alternate every thirty seconds or so, a quiet sounding feedbacking guitar, and aught else. Pretty sweet.

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