Thursday, June 15, 2006

Research Soundtrack

So it's heading onto 1am, and I'm in the computer lab reading about the wacky situation regarding promissory estoppel in Illinois.

Right now, though, there's a guy who, every 20-30 seconds, harrumphs loudly, goes "mmm mmm mmm" or even says aloud the words "my my my" as if to express disbelief at what he's reading. It's consistent, puncutated by odd laughs and other mutterings and although he seemed to quiet down for a second when I got up and walked past him to go to the printers, he's gone right back to vocalizing his emotional response to his legal research. It's not creepy muttering, but just really absorbed muttering.

I think it's kinda charming, myself. Much less annoying than a cell phone ring tone (I heard "Dixie" on a cell phone in the lab the other day), and there's something kinda nice about people being completely absorbed in a task. Something enviable, too...

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