Thursday, June 15, 2006

Air Rings in Water

So this is a link to a video of a guy who dives underwater and emits precise breaths underwater what are shaped like rings that float eerily to the surface of the water. Think smoke rings, but instead of smoke in air, think air in water. It's really quite pretty, and I recommend staying to the end of the video to see some cool variations.

It reminds me of nothing so much as Super Mario 64, when you had to swim downwards through a series of rings in the water.

I shamelessly steal this link from Goldtoe.


Fishfrog said...

Is it possible that the video was alter or enhanced via computer technology?

Matt said...

Sure. It's totally possible, and at such a low resolution, it'd be harder to tell.

I tend to believe that it's real, though. It doesn't seem to be too different from blowing smoke rings.

Jason Goldman said...

I believe the shot of the porpoise indicates that he learned the technique from a dolphin.

Totally real.