Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have been waiting to hear your voice

As noted previously on Superelectric, Pandora gave me, fairly randomly, a really nice Windy & Carl song. It's called I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice, and it's 12 minutes of ambient sweetness.

Don't you want to hear it? I thought so. Here are three options:
  • WFMU has played it before, and it's archived in real audio on their webpage. Click the start time that's third down, and you're all set.
  • Click here and download podcast #31, Crispy Ambience. Voice starts at 49:49. Higher Fi, but you're downloading a big ass file and searching.
  • The official website sample is about a minute and a half. I suggest downloading it and then playing it nine or ten times in a row to get the full effect.
That effect would be awesomeness!

Or you could check out some ultra-slow renditions of a Eric Satie's Gymnopedie 1 and 1st Gnossienne. In any case, your goal is to stare at a blank wall for 10-15 minutes, drooling contendedly, as if the recipient of a lobotomy of bliss.

1 comment:

warm fuzzy said...

The music had a quality to it that was oddly unsettling - I can't put my finger on it.