Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tom DeLay turns to Stephen Colbert for help

The following is the very unexpected front page of the Tom DeLay legal defense website:

Yup, the site, which is a legitimate pro-DeLay site, has posted a clip from The Colbert Report on their front page. In it, Colbert interviews the maker* of a documentary about Tom DeLay - an unflattering documentary. As detailed in this Think Progress article, DeLay's legal defense fund is promoting this interview as they feel that it paints the filmmaker in a negative light.

It's not really clear whether the DeLay folks understand that Colbert's performance is a satire of a right wing pundit, or even if they care. But there's the suggestion that they just don't get it, which, as you can see from the Think Progress comments, is enough for some people to go nuts.

*Robert Greenwald, same guy who did the snooze-fest Outfoxed, about Fox News.

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Fishfrog said...

First, the White House Press Assoc. dinner, and now this. Is there some part of the brain that identifies satire and parody that is shut off when you join the Republican ticket?