Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why I almost hated my blog.

So I'm in the lab, printing out my microscopic speech press outline, and because a thousand people are printing shit out at the same time, I've got to wait before I go off into the library to study.* So I decide to fire up Ye Olde Superelectric in the computer lab computer's newly installed copy of Firefox, when what do I get but a "additional plugins are needed to render this page" toolbar. Turns out that the youtube embedded player video for Joy Division's Shadowplay** required Flash what this computer's browser doesn't have. Normally, seeing that toolbar enrages me to no end, because it means I have to install crap to view a webpage. But in this instance, because I feel that flash is the best way to handle web based video, I'm at peace with the toolbar.

Incidentally, it's shocking how much crap you can fit on two printed pages, eight point font, three columns.

*By which I mean watch South Park offa youtube
**Still an awesome song, still worth seeing so that you can delight in both the choon and Tony Wilson's awesome presentation skills

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