Monday, March 13, 2006

AOAM: Life, Death, and Identity Politics

O octopus, you wily cephalopod! Truly do you understand the things-eating-other-things mentality of aquatic oriented living. This knowledge is well demonstrated in an exciting and altogether shocking video of you attacking and killing a shark.

But your talents are not restricted to the strictly offensive. No, you also have the uncanny defensive ability to change your appearance so that you no longer appear to be a large and eminently snackable-upon aquatic animal. You can mimic the fabled trotting sea coconut and you modify your color and shape to appear to be a chunk of coral. Why, even your cuttlefish cousins are capable of color changes that are, um, cool.

O octopus, truly you understand that camouflage is a word that did not enter the English language until the 20th century!

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