Monday, March 13, 2006

AOAM: Fun and Games

AOAM presents two different game takes on the subject of AOA's eating each other.

First, we have the classic Fishy, in which you use your cursor keys to move a fish up and down, to and fro in a side-view aquarium. The idea is to eat the fish that are smaller than you while avoiding being eaten by the fish larger than you. As you grow, you can eat bigger and bigger fish. Great and decidedly old school fun.

For a modern twist on the same game, there's Flow. Or is it flOw? I'm not sure. Here, you use your mouse to move a little flagellating fella all around, clicking and holding the mouse button to accelerate. Eat the red dot guys to go down a level, the blue dot guys to go up. Eat bigger guys by eating their key dots. There's actually a whole intellectual project going on in this game - er, I'm sorry, this isn't a game, but rather a Jenova Chen MFA Thesis but don't let the obnoxious style and status as intellectual project turn you off, just enjoy the game, the appeal of which can be summed up:

There's little in life that's more intrinsically rewarding than swimming around the abyss, eating up things that are smaller than you.


warm fuzzy said...

Even Fish is too hard for my video game playing ability, but man on man, will it occupy many an hour at work.

Fishfrog said...

My high score on Fishy is 85626. Then a message came up saying I ate everything in the ecosystem.