Sunday, December 25, 2005

X-day is here.

So the clan had its gathering last night. It had pretty poor attendance, between an illness which had struck one brother's family and another brother's family being off in Chicago (for like one day. Not that I mind, cos I get to take care of their cat for a day. And man, I love cats.). Our family is pretty big and we long ago settled on the following mechanism for gift-giving.

First, all the siblings and spouses draw names, so that we're getting gifts only for one other sibling/spouse. Second, we give a list of desired gifts to our Mom and Dad. We've generally said that these should be gifts under $20. Popular choices are DVDs and CDs. For me, this list is a pain in the ass to come up with, mostly because I want to put weird shit on my list. I am careful to put at least one or two very mainstream options on my list for their ease of purchase. Not surprisingly, this year I got Matrix Revolutions from my sister.

Whose name I had this year, as well. I wrote a short note on her "to: from:" tag that went like this - "To quo-et the po-et, Sisters are priceless because of their niceness". Cheesy and corny, but it's a line lifted from a short poem I had written for her in the third grade, and so I thought it would be sweet. As soon as she read it, though, her brow wrinkled and I knew she didn't remember it at all. I guess it was more of a memory for me, that one. Oh well, at least the sentiment was good.

Right now I'm heading out to my sister's house for some turkey. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mattie!

Fishfrog said...

That's a sweet poem.

warm fuzzy said...

sounds like fun was had by all!

Matt said...

There was more to it than that one line. My sister went to Indiana University, and we'd make the drive out to Bloomington a coupla times each year. I remember that one my maternal grandmother (now deceased) accompanied us. I had to ask them if "priceless" was a word and, if it was, did it mean anything other than "having no price". Ah, good times.