Saturday, December 31, 2005

CanCon: it's a big medical lottery; if you get hit by a car, you win.

Ask Your Doctor if Financially Motivated, Overpriced Healthcare is For You! is a nice quick bit of humor (with webcomix) about the absurdity of American health care.

I remember during the Democratic primaries last time 'round, all the hopeful suitors were doing a roundtable with intellectual juggernaut Larry King, and one of them (Dean? Kucinich?) mentioned that doing a national health care program would be a pretty good idea, to which Larry King responded, "You mean socialized medicine?"

And that's what's wrong with America in a nutshell. No, not that we're so easily swayed by slogans and shorthand soundbite language that genuinely good things like universal health care are denied us all.

Rather, what's wrong is that in a country with the death penalty, Larry King is allowed to live.

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Fishfrog said...

Larry King is hands down the worst interviewer in the United States, even worse than Jon Stewart. And yet all he does is interview!!