Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sylphs to the Rescue

We all know about the horrors of chemtrails, now let's all be thankful that we have the Sylphs to fight them. Who are these fellas, you ask? Well,
The Sylphs coordinate weather, climate, forest growth, forest fires, land animal migrations, bird migrations and the dissolution of static magnetics (Dor) in the atmosphere. They are INTRA-dimensional existing in both the third and fourth dimensional densities.
Thankfully, the Sylphs seem to be forces for good.
The sylphs of Earth have battled the black magicians for millennia. Many times they helped prevent the Cold War from becoming WWIII. Also for the last hundred years the electro-magnetic pollution has increased as well and planned attacks have been launched against air deva by the military. The nuclear poisoning of the Earth has caused many problems to air and water elementals. The use of mini nukes and depleted uranium is a direct attack on the elemental kingdoms. Their use in Iraq limits sylph intervention. The black magicians know that they are battling the nature, life itself, by using these poisons. The sylphs of Earth are weary.
Skeptical? Then what do you make of these shocking pictures of Sylphs valiantly fighting evil chemtrails?

Someday, let us pray, we will be free from the evil influence of chemtrails. Until that blessed day, let us raise our voices in song:
"No more Chemtrails,.. not today
Make the Chemtrails,.. go away
They will not stick, they will not stay
This will be a blue sky day."

by Kim Ann Olson
Power to the people, right on.

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