Sunday, August 01, 2004


Secretary of State Matt Blunt spent almost $48,000 in public money on statewide newspaper advertising that includes his name and picture, urging voters to turn out for Tuesday's primary.

The ad is to make a return appearance in Missouri's daily newspapers on Monday -- the day before Blunt faces five little-known opponents in the Republican primary for governor, The Associated Press learned Thursday.
The two-columns wide, six-inches deep ads were provided to newspapers from Blunt's office. Sell said it was the first time in memory that a secretary of state placed a statewide ad buy using public money to promote voter turnout.

The ads include Blunt's black and white photo, a drawing of an American eagle with wings spread wide, and the bold-faced headline: "WE WANT YOUR VOTE COUNTED!!!"

The ad says: "Missouri's chief election official, Matt Blunt urges every eligible Missourian to vote in the August 3, 2004 primary election. Your county clerk's office or local election board stand ready to assist you in making your voice heard."
Jackson said funding for the ads came from a $60 million federal appropriation to Missouri as part of the Help America Vote law, enacted in 2002.

fuckin a.

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