Monday, August 02, 2004

Jury Duty, the Slinger

So I had jury duty today. Showed up down in Clayton, sat in a big ass room for two hours, and then got called to be interviewed in a group for a civil case. At lunch, we had an ungodly long lunch break, so I went strolling around the area. Soon, my eyes locked on the smoke shop.

Went in and chatted with the guy about pipes and pipe smoking. I was asking him about good latakia tobaccos, and ended up buying this Dunhill blend that's quite nice if too expensive.

Latakia is a tobacco that's been cured over smoked spices, and it's extremely potent. It is smoked blended with a natural tobacco, like a Virginia. Latakia/Virginia blends tend to be called English, from what I understand, and they're a very tasty, flavorful smoke.

I actually screwed this up, because I wanted to try perique, which is a different style spice preparation, but I have the opportunity to go back to the smoke shop tomorrow because I got picked to serve on the jury and started hearing the case this afternoon.

Had lunch at this place called Chili Macs, recommended to me by the smoke shop employees. There I had a house specialty called a "slinger," described by the portly fellow at the smoke shop as a dish that tastes great even though it looks like someone vomited on a platter. Imagine a large oval plate, with two smallish hamburger patties, an egg cooked overeasy, and home fries. Now imagine smothering all of this in delicious chili. You then have the option of adding onions and cheddar cheese to the top of the chili. Of course I chose to do so. It was fucking awesome. A particularly disgusting-looking if tasty moment came when I pierced the yolk and yellow ooze mixed with the chili. Heaven for 5.45. I wiped up every bit I could with the toast they serve with it. There are plenty of other places to eat in the area

Life is good if you've got the money to hang out in Clayton. I'll take the camera out tomorrow and try to get some pix to share with yall.


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coming soon, I've done two rolls' worth so far, I'll try a third tomorrow. It may be the weekend before I sort out what I like from the shit.

I saw a friend's hundred buck fuji digital camera which took pix that I thought didn't suck and it did like 30 seconds of (approx) 15 frame per second video which I thought was cool. The price is right for me, as I am POOR, but if you've got any recommends/websites to check/that sort of thing, I'd love to hear them.

Unfortunately, $100 is about what I think I can spend, as photography is a bit of an indulgence at this point.