Thursday, March 08, 2012

Charles Murray's plan to save white America...

Charles Murray speaks about his book, Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010, decrying the lack of values among the poor. He sets forth some solutions in the New York Times
Finally, we should prick the B.A. bubble. The bachelor’s degree has become a driver of class divisions at the same moment in history when it has become educationally meaningless. We don’t need legislation to fix this problem, just an energetic public interest law firm that challenges the constitutionality of the degree as a job requirement.
After all, the Supreme Court long ago ruled that employers could not use scores on standardized tests to choose among job applicants without demonstrating a tight link between the test and actual job requirements. It can be no more constitutional for an employer to require a piece of paper called a bachelor’s degree, which doesn’t even guarantee that its possessor can write a coherent paragraph.
This part struck me as weird. In truth, the Supreme Court could make no such decision, and has made no such decision regarding standardized tests.

The cases that Murray's referring to all deal with cases of racial discrimination. Employers canned their black employees and then pointed to tests or educational standards as a fig leaf to cover their actions. The court didn't invalidate the tests, they were just found to be pretexts.

It's a weirdly revealing misunderstanding. Murray misinterprets a case about racial discrimination as being a case of meddling in businesspeople's discretion. It's just creepy.

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