Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why Legal Education Sucks, Part 3567

Legal education and the heir of Slytherin:

Law schools and the country's largest law firms have long occupied — and jealously guarded — the most coveted corners in the American legal profession. Indeed, these institutions perpetuate each other's lock on power and prestige. Every city has its collection of "BigLaw" firms — highly leveraged partnerships performing a wide range of legal services on behalf of the corporate and institutional clients that control our society's greatest concentrations of wealth. BigLaw draws its talent from the most highly credentialed students emerging from our law schools. Without elite grades, no student stands a chance of scoring a BigLaw interview, let alone a BigLaw job.
All of this would make a little more sense if legal education bore any resemblance to the practice of law. Instead, it's a weird form of hazing.

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