Thursday, July 28, 2011

Barack Obama - the Herbert Hoover Remix

Barack Hoover Obama: The best and the brightest blow it again, by Kevin Baker in Harper's Magazine is a fascinating read, and I learned a lot about Hoover from it.

Most satisfying in it is the following. When the Democrats took the Presidency, House, and Senate, we Democrats expected great things to follow - it was a tremendous opportunity for new Democratic programs.

"Instead, we have seen a parade of aged satraps from vast, windy places stepping forward to tell us what is off the table. Every week, there is another Max Baucus of Montana, another Kent Conrad of North Dakota, another Ben Nelson of Nebraska, huffing and puffing and harrumphing that we had better forget about single-payer health care, a carbon tax, nationalizing the banks, funding for mass transit, closing tax loopholes for the rich. These are men with tiny constituencies who sat for decades in the Senate without doing or saying anything of note, who acquiesced shamelessly to the worst abuses of the Bush Administration and who come forward now to chide the president for not concentrating enough on reducing the budget deficit, or for “trying to do too much,” as if he were as old and as indolent as they are.

And that's exactly the feeling I had, and it has no doubt added to my general frustration with Obama.

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