Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soleil is French for Sun

I love this Badly Drawn Boy song - the chorus starts "Soleil all over you, warm sun pours over me". Perfect for these grey days.

Another favorite "sun" song of mine is David Bowie's Memory of a Free Festival, here presented in appropriately "ragged and naive" cover form by a band of British optometry students:

As the students explain in the video, the band makes heavy use of an institutional VCS3 synthesizer, made by EMS. EMS, oddly enough, advertised its synthesizers with nun imagery. The synthesizers sound - thick and analog - used on early Doctor Who. The effect - satori must be something quite the same.


Cathy said...

Yeah, but you're in sunny CA now, so you don't have any of those grey days, right?

We haven't seen the sun for days...
And what was supposed to be a major snow storm is now tracking north leaving us, not mounds of sled-able snow but gobs of rain. Oh joy. Don't you wish you were here?

factory123 said...

Oh, I do get grey days. Winter out here is the rainy season, and it had been several days of cloudy grey weather when I wrote that. It's been raining on and off, though nothing too much.

Sorry to hear it's so rainy! Hope you guys catch a break and get some sunshine.