Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Dark Knight

A Metafilter thread about a video mocking The Dark Knight's plot holes yields this interesting comment by user rokusan:
[...] the screenplay had a lot of buzz [....] because the structure was unexpectedly tight (despite the running time) and it was even darker than expected. I do remember, too, that it was presented to me as "it's about relentlessness." [....]

The War on Terror buzz was because at the time, it was seen in some circles as unusually brave/crazy to attack or mock the USA's illegal surveillance apparatus: the movie shoved the wrongness of it at the audience by having one of America's Most Trusted Voices™ tell us how wrong it was. Big Budget Hollywood hadn't taken an anti-government stance much in recent times. This was unusual, and I think a lot of folks anticipating a "comic book" story didn't expect it. [....]
I continue to be really surprised at the love for this movie (currently #9 on IMDB's top 250). I am doubly surprised at the excitement over the tightness of the thing - I thought it made no sense at all, like it's plot went through the blender. Scenes just come and go. Most famously - what happened at the end of the joker's home invasion? The scene ends with no resolution.

I like Heath Ledger in TDK, but that's about it.

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