Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Hurley - The Rue of Ruby Whores

NSFW for cartoon boobies and junk.

I heard this song on KALX and loved it instantly. They played a more stripped down version, from Hurley's album Weatherhole. I prefer that version - Hurley and guitar, with goofy faked trumpet sounds. It's a perfect match for the stoned out cowboy feel of the song.

I've tried to find lyrics for this daggone song online, but no luck.


kelly nesbitt said...

i tried to figure out the words myself.
this is what i came up with...please help:

i woke up on a summers day
from dosing on a bank of clay
i haunted you before
the splashing of a water dog(fall?)
all gone a what to dohooh (?)
and standing in the bow were you

tell me friend if you, got the time
we're in this woods this grove the healing fine(?)
and i heard you searching for my love
who used to live in the hills above
no i don't even know(?)
no never since my last hello (album?) alphone ?


over yonder in the briar patch
the animal live there in a hole
and there the sun was turned(?)
but not before the evening breaks
the joys away (?)

standing on the mountain side
just trying to get a little taste of rain
my people used to live here
i feel the same, as they do
for i was (something?) too

there she be, and she see me
drifting in my daggone dreams
they throw up my windows and throws(doors?)
a century of misery
the rue of ruby whores

michael hurley

c f dm
c e7 am c
dm f e7 am
f e7 dm f

Matt said...

OK, I did find a set of lyrics, at the Michael Hurley Yahoo Group (I think). These seem to be accurate:

I woke up on a summer's day
From dozin' on a bank of clay
The hot and humid fog
The splashin' of the water dog
Lo come a war canoe
And standing in the bow were you

Tell me friend if you got the time
Where in this woods does grow the healin' vine
And I was searchin' for my love
Who used to live in the hills above
And I don't live at all
No never since my last downfall

Over yonder in the briar patch
The animal lives there in a hole
And ne'er in the sun will stir
But come the fall of evenin' grey
Leaps and jumps away

Standin' on the mountain side
Just tryin' to get a little taste o' rain
My people used to live here
And I feel the same as they do
For I did dwell here too

There she be and she see me
Driftin' in my daggone dream
They throwed my window and doors
A century of misery
The Rue of Ruby whores

kelly nesbitt said...

oh matt, you rock. thanks so much. ~kelly

CSS said...

Thanks to the folks that dug up the lyrics. Lots of dead ends on google.

Maybe this will get you closer to the top in search results:

Micheal Hurley - The Rue of Ruby Whores - Lyrics

Awesome song. I heard another Hurley song at the end of a Deadwood episode and finally bothered to look up who it was. Now I'm kind of hooked on this music. I'm a real sucker for a fiddle.