Friday, July 31, 2009

God loves guns

"God fearing attorney"* is the title of this craigslist job posting:
Wanted – Attorney who is God fearing and would like to receive a high place in heaven. I want to start up a non-profit named JAIL – Jointly against illegal legislation. We will inspect what our elected have voted on and bring ethics charges against them. It shouldn’t take long before they begin to listen to the voters. Any vote against the second amendment should bring a charge. How about voting for a bill you didn’t read? The list is limitless, but the outcome is very positive. Needs to be honest, truthful and care about this country. You can contact me by phone
"Illegal legislation" has the alliterative lilt and provocatively contradictory construction to make a fine rap lyric. Sadly the phrase is a kook fave.

*Dangling participle.

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