Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bibio in the Fairyland of Color

Since I posted that Juana Molina video for La Verdad, I have had that song running through my head until it slowly morphed into another similar song. Today I found relief from the torment of not remembering. I was thinking of Bewley in White by Bibio. Here's a video of the song set to old footage of Holland. Bewley starts when the tulips first appear around :21 and runs for the next four and a half minutes before blending into another Bibio tune

Folky guitar plus shenanigans equals fun. I think Bibio has a new record out.

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C.G. Roxane said...

hey i made this video, happy to see you sharing it. i love Bibio as well and i thought the music complimented the images nicely. thanks.