Saturday, September 27, 2008

The True Cost of "In Rainbows"

Today I discovered the true cost of Radiohead's pay-as-much-as-you-want-and-yes-I-paid-nothing album In Rainbows, as I received a piece of Radiohead spam.


Anonymous said...

First they send you their album for free, and then they have the audacity to send you an email. Hit unsubscribe and get over yourself

factory123 said...

Since you asked, it wasn't very good. I liked The Bends and OK Computer - particularly OK Computer - and have found everything released since then to be tedious.

I listened to Kid A, found it dull. Amnesiac, which came next, was all Kid A outtakes. I didn't care to hear the stuff that didn't make the Kid A cut.

So many bands burn out - after their nth release, they churn out dreck. I assumed that's what was happening to Radiohead.

Hype didn't help. "Kid A makes rock and roll childish." Radiohead's the new Beatles. Being Pitchfork's beloved. Like Obama and Ron Paul in 2007, having a devoted cult willing to sing your praises is a real turn off to me.

But the novelty of the In Rainbows release piqued my curiousity. Why not give it a go - it's free, after all. Like a sucker I downloaded it. I listened to the record, thought it was fuzzy and unfocused, and didn't change my opinion of the band.

I do find it funny, though, that Radiohead's spamming me. BTW, I recommend that you not unsubscribe from spammers. You don't want them to know they've got a valid address. Just report it.