Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philadelphia Pride: Tastykakes

A Philadelphia city councilman offered a Milwaukee alderman a baseball wager. The stakes were local food, so the Philly guy put up hoagies and Tastykakes.* The councilman's press release described the latter as "baked snacks similar to Hostess products".

They are, and how pathetic is it that the Philly food is derivative - Philadelphia as a lesser Twinkie. And oh, they are MUCH lesser. Philadelphia-style soft pretzels would've been better, as would cheesesteaks. Because cheesesteaks are, well, yum.

Although Tastykakes are a terrible example of Philadelphia food, Philadelphia food in general is quite good - the restaurant scene here is great.

*I really, really, really hate that spelling, because those proximate k's look like a certain slur.


permathreeseat said...

It's because you don't have fond childhood memories of tatsykakes the way you do about hostess. But if you'd grown up in the mid-Atlantic, tastykake would be your norm. They're still gross to an adult palate, but I think you would find the same to be true of hostess if you were to attempt to eat a package of their baked goods now.

factory123 said...

Yes, particularly because we're talking about comfort food stuff, it's largely based on what you're accustomed to. BUT....

I had a chocolate tastykake recently and found it to be distinctly lacking in chocolate flavor. That plus the lack of a Twinkie equivalent that's good is a real killer in my book.

Twinkies are really something special.