Monday, September 15, 2008

Only Technorati Can Judge Me!

Andrew Sullivan described The Corner's Jay Nordlinger as "far right", Nordlinger replies that Sullivan's crazy. Sullivan takes umbrage, then declares that Sullivan's higher Technorati ranking means he's right and The Corner's wrong:
The Dish is now Technorati's highest ranked one-person mainly political blog in the world. Not bad for someone who's gone "insane". The marketplace obviously disagrees. And you know what real conservatives believe about markets, don't you?
Of course, most conservatives believe that (as first postulated by Ronald H. Coase) markets determine who has a bigger dick.

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Lorelei Leigh said...


When I first read that comment on Sullivan's blog, I laughed out loud. But if he wants to delude himself that the spike in traffic and linking is all because people like and respect his courageous stand against the dishonorable, pathological liars that make up the Republican ticket, then he's probably well beyond reason at this point. It fits perfectly in with the rest of his hysteria and psychosis.