Monday, September 08, 2008

Martin Hannett and Tony Wilson at Strawberry Studios in July 1980

Martin Hannett interviewed by Tony Wilson at Strawberry Studios, where Hannett recorded Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.

Hannett's been on my mind lately. I recently heard "Joy Division - Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes", a slight addition to the suddenly exploding JD catalogue. It has the complete eerie synth whistle that opens Exercise One.

Also, last week around 10-11pm, I was in a restaurant and saw a toddler wearing an Unknown Pleasures t-shirt as she slept in her mother's arms. It's gross. Basically, the kid's a fashion accessory for the parent. Look how cool I am - I dress my kid in Joy Division t shirts. And the UP cover is black and depressing, like the music. It's just not age appropriate. A kid should wear something gaily colored, preferably with animals.

You know, like the Smiley Smile cover.

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