Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Google does not tolerate dissent

The American Spectator is the magazine in which David Brock called Anita Hill "a bit nutty and a bit slutty," and Google has labeled their website an attack site:

When you try to click through, you're taken to another page that requires you to manually enter the address to go to the site. In Firefox, when you try to go to the site, you first get this sexy warning:

And when you actually visit the page in Firefox, you see a constant warning:

I don't really think that Google's intentionally fucking with these people, but along with the fiasco of Blogger nixing anti-Obama blogs, it looks bad.

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jason said...

when you click through to the details, you get a very informative page. it explains exactly what happened and when it happened. in this case, they were pointing to malicious software that was hosted elsewhere. most likely, the link to the software came through an ad displayed on the site. that sort of thing often tries to fool you into downloading and running it ("a virus has been found on your computer - click here to clean it").

Seems worthy of a warning to me.