Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Guru sucks because of Mike Myers' character flaws

From Slate's review
But Guru Pitka makes no sense—one minute he's a cretinous dolt who's never seen a corn dog before, the next he's delivering double entendres with a clever wink. He swings between vainglory and ravenous insecurity in a way that seems uncomfortably autobiographical.
Because we all know that (butterphobic) Mike Myers is a dick, the movie sucks in a way that reflects his dickishness.

I'm not saying that the movie's not bad, I'm saying that the ew piece seems calculated - why the sudden hate for Mike Myers. But wait, maybe's it's not all about his character flaws, says Ebert:
Myers is a nice man and has made some funny movies, but this film could have been written on toilet walls by callow adolescents. Every reference to a human sex organ or process of defecation is not automatically funny simply because it is naughty, but Myers seems to labour under that delusion.
So he's delusional, but a nice man. Of course, this fat fuck liked The Phantom Menace, so his judgment's questionable.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Myers is about as funny as all the other pre snlers who went out on their own and tried to be funny.
They only had great comedic timing when they did not have control of scripts and other decisions in the filmaking proccess.
SNL seems to crank out a lot of childish actors and actresses, very few are exceptions to the rule, and even when they are an exception, their other character flaws destroy them anyway.
SNL is a proving ground for adults who want to act like children.
It always has been and it always will be.
Case in point, Chevy Chase whose wife left him because of his childish lifestyle.
Everyone is acting shocked at how bad the movies of Meyers and Sandler and others have become, however, if you buy into the childish potty humor of most of SNL, then they only expect moviegoers to accept any childish filth they throw at the American public.