Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diana remix

Thank goodness for Internet - I've found the 1991 mix of Skip Spence's "Diana". Ridiculously, an early release of Skip's fucking album "Oar" on CD had extended mixes of both "Diana" and "Lawrence of Euphoria" on it. When re-released in the extended Sundazed edition, they tacked on an assload of extra cuts (which are sweet), but stuck with the original album versions of "Diana" and "Lawrence." Thanks to the internet, I have both of these tracks that slipped through the cracks.

"Lawrence" is a little longer, but "Diana" adds over a minute, continuing on to a key change where the original faded out. It's really nice.

Internet is also saving the Sundazed reissues of Moby Grape from legal action, which is nice.

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