Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Alexandria's poor manners

A spellchecker was run over a high school yearbook in Middletown, PA, and it corrected student names:
  • Max Zupanovic to Max Supernova
  • Kathy Carbaugh to Kathy Airbag
  • Alessandra Ippolito to Alexandria Impolite
  • William and Elizabeth Givler to William and Elizabeth Giver
  • Cameron Bendgen to Cameron Bandage
  • Courtney and Kayla Hroback to Courtney and Kayla Throwback
Which leads me to wonder - the spellcheck knew "Kayla"?

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permathreeseat said...

And why, if it knew Kayla, did it not know that Alexandra is a girl's name, Alexandria is a city in Egypt (among other places) when correcting Alessandra?