Thursday, April 03, 2008

John McCain: Derivative Advertising

This was added to YouTube today, I don't know if it's actually running anywhere. FWIW, the Hillary Clinton 3am ad is at least a month old and has spawned a similar Obama response and a Saturday Night Live parody. John McCain: au courant.

On less snarky matters, the original 3am ad discussed national security, while this McCain version talks about economic crises. Which is odd, because no matter how pressing the collapse of the subprime market, it's not the Cuban Missile Crisis with Russian boats poised to enter Cuba or anything.

And he's the Republican. Shouldn't he be banging hard on national security, particularly when he, quite famously, "doesn’t really understand economics"?

Update: WTF? Which came first?

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Anonymous said...

None of the Presidential candidates understand economics. If any of them get their way, this country will go bankrupt faster than is already happening. McCain says he doesn't understand economics? Doesn't matter - that's what you appoint knowledgeable advisors for.