Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Hillary Can Still Win

I proudly voted for Hillary yesterday, but I must admit that this is funny. "Superdelegates" is the short response.

Mickey Kaus has the amusing headline "Who's Bitter Now?", a point supported by John Dickerson:
For those still debating whether Obama's remarks about small-town voters harmed him or not, the data suggest he hurt himself. Among gun owners, Clinton won 60 percent of the vote. Among small-town voters, she won 59 percent of the vote to Obama's 41 percent. In previous contests, Obama's had a slim 49 percent to 45 percent edge among small-town voters. Clinton also won among religious voters.
John Judis notes Obama's increasing McGovernization, as he wins liberals and minorities and loses conservatives, moderates, and the religious. It ends with the great quote
"There is nothing wrong with winning over voters who are very liberal and who never attend religious services; but if they begin to become Obama's most fervent base of support, he will have trouble (to say the least) in November."


permathreeseat said...

How many phone calls did you get encouraging you to go out and vote? We must have gotten at least 5, and my sister hasn't lived in or been a registered voter in PA in about 4 years.

factory123 said...

We got a bunch - I think about 10 or so, and all but 2 of those were Obama. We even got an Obama call at 7pm on election day - that's an hour before polls close.

Most of them were positive, we did get Hillary's "Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill" negative call. Other than that, we got a couple from Barack and a couple from Michelle, and one from Bill.

All of these but Bill's we captured on our answering machine, and I'm going to try to throw them up on the blog.

It was nutty. The campus was pretty pro-Hillary - the Daily Pennsylvanian endorsed her, and there was a major election day rally here. I'm sure the students went Obama - you can still see Howard Dean stickers in areas on campus.